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Mantario Wilderness Education Centre

photo by: Brian Hydesmith


Mantario Wilderness Education Centre

The air is clean and alive with natural sounds. Night skies reveal unobscured aurora borealis and starry constellations. You travel under your own power and your spirit and energies revive quickly.

The Mantario Wilderness Education Centre is located about 150 km northeast of Winnipeg, on an island on Mantario Lake (on the Manitoba and Ontario border), in the Mantario Wilderness Zone, on the east side of Whiteshell Provincial Park. It is operated by the Nature Manitoba, a non-profit organization, to meet one of the organization's primary objectives: to arrange educational and recreational programs and field trips which promote an understanding of the natural environment.

Nature Manitoba uses the cabin for its long-running summer program of guided canoe trips, as well as for member-led activities during all seasons of the year. Members can also rent the Mantario Cabin for personal trips.

For information about Mantario or to volunteer to assist in the maintenance and operation of the Mantario program, contact our office.