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Birds of the Hudson Bay Lowlands


Dr. Christian Artuso


Monday, February 6, 2017

Start Time: 

7:30 pm


Franco-Manitoban Cultural Centre, 340 Provencher Blvd on second floor - Salle Antoine-Gaborieau.


$2 for members (non-member rate $5)

Although Churchill and the Hudson Bay lowlands may be most famous for their polar bears, the birds here put on a dazzling spectacle. This presentation will showcase a cross-section of the >165 bird species that breed in this region and their habitats, plus the high arctic migrants that pass through, as well as a few northern mammals. Photographs from sites including Cape Tatnum, Wapusk National Park, Churchill, Dymond Lake, Seal River, Caribou River, Schmok Lake and Courage Lake will help illustrate the remarkable beauty and diversity of Manitoba’s far north.


Presented by: Dr. Christian Artuso  Manitoba Program Manager, Bird Studies Canada; Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba