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Finding Birds in Southern Manitoba

Complemented by maps and colour photographs, Finding Birds In Southern Manitoba is the only up-to-date birding guide for southern Manitoba. It combines, updates, and expands bird-finding information from the previous Birder’s Guide to Southwestern Manitoba and Birder’s Guide to Southeastern Manitoba.

Coverage is extended north to The Pas and Thompson and now includes the Dauphin area, Duck Mountain, Porcupine Hills, and sites in the Interlake region.

This book draws on the collective knowledge of dozens of birders, as well as data used to publish The Birds of Manitoba, to describe approximately 75 sites and routes and the birds that one can expect to find there.

It also contains a list of Manitoba bird specialties and where to find them, bar charts of month-by-month abundance for all species, and the basic logistical information needed for a safe and enjoyable birding experience in Manitoba.

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Beavers Eh to Bea by Lil Anderson

Trained as a scientist, Lil takes in “beaver kit A” after dogs ripped apart his beaver-family’s lodge and left him an orphan. He was so young that his new eyes could not yet handle light and he was completely dependent on Lil for all his needs. The bond that grew between Lil and Eh is a testament to the emotional life of animals, as “kit A” becomes fondly known as “Eh.” Two years of work, adventure, fun and sorrow see Eh through to beaver adulthood and eventual release.


Manitoba Butterflies by Simone Allard

With over 1000 photographs and illustrations, 101 of Manitoba's most common butterfly species are presented in glorious full-colour. Each species is photographed in it's natural environment and for the first time ever, each stage of the butterfly life cycle is presented in a photographic progression that culminates in a lifesize image of the mature adult butterfly. Beyond the guide itself, SImone Allard has provided helpful tips on how to find butterflies in the wild, plan your garden to attract your favourite butterfly guests in either larval or mature form, how to rear butterflies of your own and even what the future for butterflies in Manitoba looks like.


Pond Memories: More Tales from a Wildlife Rehabilitator  by Lil Anderson

As she does in Beavers Eh to Bea, Anderson brings her readers closer to the animal world, teaching respect for her patients’ non-human-ness, while showing that wild animals have their own ways of expressing love, joy, anger and pain. Always mindful of the risk of imprinting on her wild young charges, Anderson drives home the message that once helped and healed, these creatures must return to their natural habitat.


Wapusk - White Bear of the North by Rebecca Grambo (photographed by Dennis Fast)

Polar Bears, the great white bears of the Arctic - are both better known and more threatened than at any time in recent history. Advances in technology and travel have made it possible for more people to see them than ever before, even as global warming and toxic pollutants pose deadly threats to the world's 22,000 polar bears, about 60 per cent of which live in Canada.

Wapusk - Cree for "white bear" - was photographed in a variety of locations around Hudson Bay, capturing the remarkable life cycle of Canada's best known polar bear population. While it also features images of many of the other species that share this rugged northern landscape, this is not only a photographic journal, but rather the story of a key species in crisis.



Wild West: Nature Living on the Edge  by Heather Beatty & Barbara Huck

Few things are of more concern to Canadians and Americans - or indeed people anywhere in the world - than the state of our Earth's environment and the species who co-habit it with us. From polar bears and geat blue whales to lake sturgeon and chinook salmon; from the Pacific albatross and California condors to swift foxes and the rare ocelot; from the inland temperate rainforest to the tall grass prairie, Wild West looks at each.


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