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Nature Manitoba Outings

Nature Manitoba conducts a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year. Our activities include canoeing, hiking, cycling, snowshoeing, camping, cross-country skiing, and other outdoor recreational pursuits. All Outdoor Activities are free for members, with the exception of any cabin/park fees if applicable, and the Grey Hares group is listed separately. Non-members may attend a trip or two at no cost, in order explore the option of membership. Before registering for a trip please review the safety requirements and the difficulty rating using the following Trip Rating Guidelines.

If you are a member, please contact the trip leader directly with any questions, as listed below, otherwise please contact our office.

Garden/Cycle Tour

July 17, 2019
Grey Hares / NOVICE

Garden/Cycle Tour, cycling to various home gardens. Location TBA. Note: this tour is not the same as Nature Manitoba’s Garden Tour & Plant Sale scheduled for July 13/19.

Contact / Registration: 

Contact Julia Schoen 204-269-8004.

Hiking Rivers Provincial Park and Brandon Area

July 20, 2019
General Trips / INTERMEDIATE

This full-day hike (12-15 km.) features the lovely Rivers Provincial Park and trail systems in Brandon, including the archaeological site of Grand Valley and the new Assiniboine Food Forest trail.

Trip Leader: 

Contact / Registration: 

Registration opens July 13. Contact Rose at

Mantario Trail north end day hike

July 27, 2019
General Trips / INTERMEDIATE

Please join Roger for hike from north trailhead at Big Whiteshell Lake along the shore for Big Whiteshell Lake followed by BBQ and potluck . 

Meet at 9 am at Red River food store parking lot in Southdale along Fermor Ave .Drivers will need provncial park pass. 


Trip Leader: 

Contact / Registration: 

To register please call Roger at 204-451-1219

Walking tour of permaculture gardens

August 14, 2019
Grey Hares / NOVICE

Walking tour of the permaculture gardens of the Sustainable South Osborne Community Co-op (SSOCC) led by the vice-president Rod Kueneman. After the tour we can lunch in the garden followed by a neighbourhood walk and the option of a treat at BDI.

Contact / Registration: 

Contact Jennifer Johnsen/Kevin MacDonald 204-256-6145.

RMNP Bike & Hike Camping

August 31, 2019 to September 2, 2019

Car camp at Lake Audy. On Saturday afternoon, cycle down Strathclair trail (very bike friendly) to see what can be seen. On Sunday, cycle to Minnedosa River campground (about 5 km) until trail becomes bike unfriendly (leave and lock bikes). Then continue by hiking to north end of Grasshopper Valley thru old growth white spruce forest.

Trip Leader: 

Cycle and Harvest

September 4, 2019

Cycle and Harvest – cycle trip to harvest vegetables at the Floodway Gardens (north of Town of Birds Hill). Pack a grocery bag for your vegetables. Leader can arrange pick up after cycle. There will be a picnic stop along the way.

Contact / Registration: 

For more information and to register, contact Brian Wagg 204-663-8333 or

Walk Into A Tree

October 30, 2019
Grey Hares / NOVICE

Walk Into A Tree. Casual 5 to 7 km round-trip walk/hike along the Red River through giant cottonwoods in Kildonan Park and Rivergrove. We will visit a tree you can walk into without bouncing off of and that is one of the few living things you can hug from the inside.

Contact / Registration: 

Register by October 28 with Donna Kurt at