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Rare Bird Sightings

Rare bird sightings apply to any bird that is rare to Manitoba or early arrivals in spring or lingerers in fall. This includes migrating birds passing through to nest in the north in late spring and early fall dates. Birds out of their normal range or unusually high numbers of species are of interest, too.

The book Finding Birds in Southern Manitoba provides information about which species can be expected to be seen in an area.

What can I report?

Reportable species are either a) Species not yet on the Manitoba list, or b) Species indicated as being reportable on the Manitoba list of reportable species. Do not report sightings of any species on the list not indicated as being reportable. Also, please ensure you read the notes concerning owls and Piping Plover.

Species occurring out-of-season (record-early or late-departing migrants) and exceptional numbers of any species can be reported to the Manitobabirds Group on

How do I report a rare bird?

Rare birds may be reported by email or mail.

These reports go to the Manitoba Ornithological Records Committee (MORC).

Reports should include number of birds seen, name(s) of the initial observer(s), date, time, location and directions to reach the site. The name and e-mail of the person making the posting should also appear within the body of the message.

When submitting your report, we encourage you to provide as much detail as possible, especially for Section 2: Description and Section 3: How were similar species eliminated? Please leave blank any details unknown or not observed. Reports and digital images should be e-mailed to R.F. Koes at Any other documentation (slides, prints, video recording, sound recording, field notes, etc.) can be mailed to:

R.F. Koes
135 Rossmere Crescent
Winnipeg, MB R2K 0G1