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Scavenger Hunt at The Forks

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April 10, 2024

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Kevin & Anita Miller -- register at .  As of Tuesday evening, 34 people have registered for this activity.

Location / Time: Meet at The Forks here (inside The Forks Market, near the plaza/canopy) at 9:45 AM.

Description: This activity combines equal parts of thinking and walking.
At The Forks, Kevin & Anita will answer any questions about the activity and then create teams of 3 or 4 people … or you can do it solo. You will not be on a team with your spouse/partner or best friend.
Each team will be given the same sheet of 35 questions/instructions. You may be able to use team members' knowledge to answer a question, or you may have to walk somewhere to answer it … or to get or do something. Most answers are outdoors, but some are indoors. The boundaries are The Forks' boundaries. You can attempt the questions in any order. It is up to each team to decide how many of the questions they attempt to answer.
Sometime before noon we should all be back inside The Forks Market at the smaller eating area (closest to the river). During lunch we will discuss the questions and your answers, and share stories about your adventures.
We can watch bicycles (including ours) while people are scavenging, and also at lunch.

Bring: Your name tag, pen/pencil, camera (any type), lunch (or buy at The Forks).