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Canoe trip to Trapline Lake

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August 1, 2011 to August 6, 2011

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E-mail Jerry at for more info and/or to book a spot.

Join Jerry Ameis for a 6-day canoe trip to Trapline Lake in Ontario, close to the Manitoba border and Nopiming Park. We start at Davidson Lake and canoe through Reynar, Bain and Wilson lakes, reaching Trapline in one day or at most two days of travel. Trapline is not in the forest fire zone. A fire burned the area west and south of Trapline a number of years ago. Once in Trapline, we will set up a base camp and explore the area. One of my exploration wishes is to try to make a route to the Bird River from Trapline. That involves exploring a series of small lakes north of Trapline and creating portage trails (of the basic variety consisting of blaze marks and rock piles). Those who are into GPS should enjoy being a trailblazer.