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Remembering Cam Stacey

A dedicated group of Mantario cabin maintenance volunteers (with Cam Stacey in foreground), October 2023, Photo by Brian Hydesmith


Cam Stacey, a long-time Nature Manitoba member and volunteer, died in a tragic accident in early May. He loved the wilderness and sharing it with his family, friends, and anyone he met through leading trips to the Mantario Cabin multiple times a year. Cam brought his enthusiasm and positivity everywhere he went. He will be missed.


Memories and Thoughts:

I met Cam through his role as a long-time volunteer with the Mantario Committee. I learned that he had been a guide for the Summer Program in 1990 - and was impressed to see how he had continued his commitment to the cabin after all those years. Cam was always keen to volunteer to help support public ski or canoe trips to Mantario. He often contributed to cabin maintenance weekends, and he and his wife Joanna even did “COVID Compliant” work parties on their own in June 2020 and 2021 - since we couldn’t go out there together as a group. Their log book entry always listed the amazing wildlife spotted, (and of course they got some tasks completed too). What a loss, we will miss him.

Katrina Froese


Work party October 23, 2021, photo by Donna Kurt

Cam Stacey is an inspiration and role model for so many people, not only in his professional life as a doctor but also as a wilderness guide and leader.  Cam’s wit, energy, smile and positive, supportive attitude are infectious and uplifting even now in memories of him. I recall seeing Cam portaging canoes and packs to Mantario with Steven Fletcher in the early 90s, their energy and enthusiasm made portaging seem so easy. May you journey in peace, Cam.

Donna Kurt


For years, Cam included me on invitations to ski or paddle to the cabin even though I was too busy with work and family. But he was always so welcoming and never gave up on me. I finally had the opportunity to co-lead a ski trip to the Mantario cabin with Cam this past Louis Riel Day long weekend and we had a fantastic time, introducing a group of new folks to the beauty of the area. Cam's positive attitude, welcoming nature and kindness to all made me want to be like him 'when I grow up'. I can only hope to carry forward in my life, the lessons I learned from him.

Christine Mazur


Mantario Winter Trip – by Val Jowett


Cam enroute to Mantario Cabin – by Val Jowett

I met Cam on a Nature Manitoba Mantario hike close to 10 years ago and that was the start of a tradition - we hiked the trail every fall together with various groups for the last 10 years. As most of you know, one of Cam's favorite roles was that of “Trail Angel”.  We met, helped, and even rescued many people in our travels, and he so loved to recount the stories about them every year, and even seeing them again on the trail in subsequent years. He was always trying to recruit new Nature Manitoba members and cultivating new friendships on the trail. He introduced me to skiing to the Mantario cabin and that quickly became a yearly adventure as well. My travels to the Mantario cabin and the Mantario trail will never be the same without him, our group will miss him deeply. I will forever endeavor to be “more like Cam” with his zest for life, his compassion and kindness to strangers and friends alike and his infectious enthusiasm that was so much a part of this special man.

Val Jowett