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Mantario Mushrooms and Plants

Monday, August 19, 2024 to Friday, August 23, 2024

Bathe in Mantario's forests to enjoy photogenic delights of the understory, learn how myriad fungi and plants coexist in diverse ecosystems and their many functions and uses.  Donna Kurt and co-leader Ron Greening offer options of activities such as canoeing skills, foraging, forest and aquatic ecology, qigong, and hiking.  

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Trip Leaders

Donna Kurt practices “ethnomycobotany” while canoeing the wilds of North America, Australia, beyond. Since 1988 she has led Mantario and Nature Manitoba trips and shares a glimpse of the experience in her Mantario Thanksgiving Canoe YouTube videos.  Donna has been studying how we use plants and fungi since the 1980s and in retirement is studying ecology and biology at the UW.

Ron Greening has had a strong interest in ecology and field biology since childhood, and studied fisheries and wildlife management, and conservation education. Ron has hiked, skied and paddled into Mantario since the 1970s, and spent two summers in the 1980’s as a guide for the Mantario summer program.