People passionate about nature

Photography Week

Mon, July 22nd to Fri, July 26th
Brian Hydesmith

Led by a former newspaper photographer, you will be encouraged to improve your enjoyment of photography through exploration and understanding. You’ll develop your visual thinking and story-telling, try new compositions and techniques, and explore challenges and unfamiliar settings on your camera. 

Monday and Friday are active, gliding in canoes over a network of seven lakes connected by portages through boreal forest. We’ll enjoy a lunch break on the shore of Ritchey Lake, and arrive at the cabin in time to make supper and relax. Tuesday through Thursday are flexible, with time swimming or jumping off the dock, exploring along the shore, picking wild blueberries on hikes along the famous Mantario Trail, relaxing in the cabin and visiting over meals, and evenings enjoying a sunset and the lake-side sauna. 

Photography opportunities abound, or you can simply savour being unplugged from the hectic modern world for a few days, and reconnect with nature in this unique, peaceful setting. You may see beavers at work, otters frolicking, and eagles and trumpeter swans soaring. At night we’ll hear the iconic sound of loons through the silence, and perhaps the far-off howling of wolves.

Bring your camera, its manual, and your questions and we’ll get our creativity going. Come equipped with adequate spare batteries and an extra memory card, knowing that they will be doing lots of good photos. Recharging batteries is limited to a USB connection. A tripod is available at the cabin.

All levels of skill and enthusiasm are welcome to join us. Come share this unique experience with a five day summer trip to Mantario Lake.

Mantario 2013 Photo week