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Who are the Grey Hares?

If you are free mid-week on Wednesdays, the Grey Hares are looking for you. We are looking for retired or part-time working people who enjoy physically active things to do, who are looking for new experiences, new places to go, new places to explore. Are you looking to expand your horizons, make new friends among like-minded people, and meaningful things to do on Wednesdays? The Grey Hares may be your answer.

The Grey Hares is a group within Nature Manitoba of retired, and partly retired people who enjoy all of these activities. The Grey Hares meet twice a year to produce a schedule of events that occur every Wednesday – all of these events are organized by volunteers from the ranks of the group. We carpool to destinations and share expenses. Most events are free, some include lunch in a nearby restaurant, but mostly we take our own food. Our pace of activity tends to be at the lower end of speed but varies according to the group. Nobody gets left behind! Note that a trip's difficulty is rated using the following Trip Rating Guidelines.

We cross country ski in the winter, we cycle, bike, canoe or camp in the summer. Between seasons we do ‘cultural events’ eg. touring the MTC, the WAG, or other places of interest. We are always looking for new places to go, events to attend, and experiences to share. We always welcome new members in our group as new faces come with new ideas/places to go! Our membership fees are very low - $5.00 gives a lifetime membership. Members must also be members of Nature Manitoba, but others are welcome to come on one or two trips to try us out before they commit. Please consider coming out to one of our events. Please note that not all events are advertised via Nature Manitoba's website and newsletter. A few are reserved for members only.

For further information, contact the Nature Manitoba office at 204-943-9029 or email us.

Past Trips

Grey Hares Outings

Sorry, but there is nothing scheduled at the moment. Check back again soon!