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Bloodvein Triple (2000): The principle of walk over once

by Jerry Ameis

The plan for August, 2000 was a canoeing trip from Tulabi Lake to Mexican Hat Lake in Woodland Caribou Park (WCP) and return. A nice plan, but my partner had to cancel for family reasons a few weeks before the trip. What to do, especially considering that my wife had given me enthusiastic permission to abandon her and our two kids for at least ten days? The Manitoba Recreational Canoeing Association (now Paddle Manitoba) web site came to the rescue. Someone was looking for a fourth person to canoe from Wallace Lake to the Bloodvein and back. E-mail and voice messages zoomed back and forth along the telephone lines. A new plan was in place. I was going canoeing for two weeks with three people I didn’t know. Of course they didn’t know me either so I guess it was a fair deal.

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