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Friday, July 13, 2018

All day
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Live Off the Land

Live Off the Land

Mon, July 9th to Fri, July 13th
Marc LeClair

Monday: We will meet at the docks at Big Whiteshell at 9 am where we will get organized and depart on our adventure. Our journey to the cabin will take us between 5 and 8 hours. The first hour and a bit will take us to our first portage, where we will hike our gear and canoes into Crowduck Lake. We will head south on the lake, portaging into Richie Lake and into the backcountry. We will have lunch on a rock outcrop, go for a swim if interested and continue on to One Lake, Two Lake, and Three Lake with some interesting portages along the way. Our last portage takes us into Mantario Lake and the cabin near the south end. Once at the cabin, we will prepare our dinner and unpack.  Swimming and relaxing in the sauna will cap the evening off.

Tuesday: We will start the day off in the morning on Mantario Lake, paddle to the south end of the lake, portage into Spider Lake where we will canoe next to a glacially sculpted granite wall until we reach the far south end. We will portage into Olive Lake where we will fish for Walleye for a few hours, a shore lunch (packed sandwiches), swim, relax, fish and return to the cabin in time to eat our catch (hopefully). If you don’t know how to fish, I can teach you. If you want to learn how to fillet a fish, I can teach you that too. And if you don’t like to eat fish, that’s ok, I can eat it for you. Fishing is not obligatory.

Wednesday:  Possible activities include a day hike, fishing for Northern Pike on Mantario and/or a hike to the top of Mantario for some blueberry picking. The blueberries will be ready for eating and if we collect enough, we may even make a blueberry pie.  

Thursday: You decide. A repeat of Tuesday or Wednesday or some other unplanned activities can include: Snorkeling Mantario! There are wonderful lake creatures to see such as crawfish, snails, and minnows and lots of interesting aquatic plants. Read your favorite book on a secluded part of the island where you can read to your hearts content. It is your week at Mantario cabin to enjoy, so enjoy it the way you want. I will be there to guide you along the way. Mantario is one of the most beautiful places on our planet and I want you to enjoy it as much as I do.

Friday: We will return to the Big Whiteshell and our journey will be over. That is, until you come back for another Mantario adventure!

A little info on Marc Leclair (trip leader): I have been leading trips to the Mantario cabin for over 10 years; I have been paddling and exploring the backcountry for over 20 years. If you have any questions regarding Living off the Land week please contact the office and they will get you in contact with me.

Jul 9 2018 to Jul 13 2018
Canoe to Gale Lake
Jul 12 2018 to Jul 15 2018