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Hoot to Kill  by Karen Dudley

While in a remote logging town surveying old-growth forest for spotted owls, biologist Robyn Devara stumbles across an illegal clear-cut. But she soon discovers something more sinister in the woods. Can she put the pieces of the mystery together before it's too late? This novel is as mysterious as it is informative and funny.



Macaws of Death  by Karen Dudley

Tropical birds in a smuggled suitcase. Expensive. Beautiful. Dead. But for field biologist Robyn Devara, this latest grim reminder of the illegal trade in endangered species includes an unexpected surprise--one of the birds is unknown to science.



Raised by the River  by Jake Macdonald

Forty-year-old Michael Saunders abandons his upscale lifestyle and shady consulting business for the wilds of northern Ontario when he inherits a run-down tourist lodge. In the course of renovating his boyhood home, he contends with wealthy mobsters, a series of natural disasters, and his growing desire for a stubbornly independent woman. Jake MacDonald’s love of the wilderness and off-center sense of humour make this contemporary chronicle of self-discovery both insightful and funny.



Red Heron  by Karen Dudley

Dudley's second Robyn Devara mystery, The Red Heron continues Devara's ­intriguingmisadventures. The poison in the ground and possibly in the water table of an environmentally sensitive wetland turns out to be the least of the crew's ­worries as a sniper takes aim at Devara's latest project. Sabotage turns into murder most bizarre when a dead man is found with a garden variety gnome and a pack of Polaroids.



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