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Naturescape by Nature Manitoba

Naturescape Manitoba is a "how-to" and source book for "people who want to bring back a bit of the natural world to their surroundings, attract more birds and butterflies to their garden, or simply do something different in their yard." It's an exciting new book offering an alternative to conventional gardening approaches and providing readers with information and a wide range of project ideas for native planting, low-maintenance yard care and water conservation. This 200-plus page book features full-colour photographs, original sketches and water-colour paintings, and detailed species information unique to the Prairies Ecozone of Manitoba. If you are interested in any aspect of wildlife or nature, you will find this book both interesting and useful.



Manitoba's Tall Grass Prairie: a field guide to an endangered space  by Nature Manitoba

This classic is your essential guide to identifying native plants on the tall grass prairie. With beautiful, simple illustrations (hand-drawn by a local artist), coil spine, and loads of info, this book is a great one to flip through out in the field. A perfect resource for learning about local plants!


Orchids of Manitoba, 2nd edition  

With the great success of their field guide Orchids of Manitoba, Native Orchid Conservation Inc. (NOCI) has published a second edition with many updates and additions. The intent is the same as the first, to inform Manitobans and the general public about Manitoba’s 37 orchid species and the need to conserve their habitat, but this is even better. Species accounts include updated range maps and a write-up on Manitoba's newest native orchid. The orchid biology and conservation sections are expanded to reflect recent research and changes to legislation. More beautiful photos of native orchids have been added for your interest and enjoyment. This book also highlights NOCI's work and past successes with the conservation of native orchids and discusses future challenges related to climate change and loss of habitat.


620 Wild Plants of North America by Tom Reaume

620 Wild Plants of North America illustrates, in beautiful detail, the characteristic features of 89 families of vascular plants. The lay reader will find it an informative guide to many of the common plants of the northern Great and Central Plains. For botanists—amateur and professional alike—620 Wild Plants will be an invaluable reference alongside any flora or wildflower guide. With its detailed, labeled drawings of the stems, leaves, flowers/cones/sporangia and fruits and seeds of 620 species, this book opens the door to understanding the unique morphological features of plants in all of the major families represented in the flora of central North America. In other words, one can learn technical botany from this book. An indispensable resource for students, teachers, researchers, wildlife biologists, amateur naturalists, environmental consultants, and conservationists, 620 Wild Plants of North America is for anyone who wants to really learn about plants.


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