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Photos of Manitoba Birds

Photo Submissions

We are not currently taking new photo submissions for our website, please post any photos to our Flickr group. If you would like to begin a discussion with other birders, please visit Manitobabirds on Yahoo!Groups.

Volunteer(s) needed for Online Bird Photos

Nature Manitoba needs the assistance of a volunteer, or several volunteers, to help manage birding inquiries and photo submissions. Our new website could become a wonderful way for anyone to upload and share photos, but would need some moderators to organize and sort through posts. Contact the office if you are interested at 204-943-9029 or

Miscellaneous Bird Photos

This area was for the sharing of other images from Nature Manitoba members.

Rare Bird Photos

This area is intended to document rarities seen in Manitoba.

'Birds of Manitoba' on Flickr

You can visit Nature Manitoba's 'Birds of Manitoba' album on Flickr (slideshow below), or post your own photos to Nature Manitoba's Flickr group.