Outdoor Activities

Nature Manitoba conducts a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year. Our activities include canoeing, hiking, cycling, snowshoeing, camping, cross-country skiing, and other outdoor recreational pursuits. All Outdoor Activities are free for members, with the exception of any cabin/park fees if applicable, and the Grey Hares group is listed separately. Non-members may attend a trip or two at no cost, in order explore the option of membership. Note that a trip's difficulty is rated using the following Trip Rating Guidelines (NOTE: the website is still listing the old numeric trip rating system). If you are a member, please contact the trip leader directly with any questions, as listed below, otherwise please contact our office.

Outdoor ActivitiesWe are always in need of more volunteers to lead outdoor trips, please fill out our online trip submission form, email triplist@naturemanitoba.ca, or contact our office if you are interested.

After trips, trip leaders must complete a 2-page trip report form and send it to the outdoor trip coordinator. Trip guideline information is available in a separate file (trip leader info) that need not be printed. Note that there are now three categories of trips (novice, intermediate, and advanced). The former 5 point trip rating system is no longer in use.

Weekly updates to the trip listings are available via e-mail. To receive these updates, sign-up for the "Weekly Outdoor Trip List" in the "Stay In Touch" block in the left-hand column of this website). For other inquiries or to submit information for the list, send an email to triplist@naturemanitoba.ca.

You can also view these trips in calendar view.

To view the Grey Hares trips (not listed below) visit the Grey Hares page.

General Trips & Bird Outings

Mon, February 15th -- General Trips

Camp Morton Provincial Park, just north of Gimli, has some official snowshoe trails which we will explore. We can also go to the campground area and snowshoe there, followed by a snack in Gimli.

Contact Rose Kuzina at N/A or rkuzina@mymts.net. [Trip Rating: 1.0]

Sun, February 21st -- General Trips

Ski approximately 9 km of groomed trails in Pine Falls, have lunch in the warm-up chalet, then head to the Lac du Bonnet ski trails for four loops totaling 11 km of groomed trails.  Rustic warm-up shelter and outhouse available on Lac du Bonnet trails.
To register email (preferred) Kathy Picard at kdpicard@mymts.net  or call 204-345-8422 [Trip Rating: 3.0]

Sat, February 27th -- General Trips

Please join me for the Boundary Trails Challenge . The rating is described as recreational ski and does not have to be competitive. We will carpool at Humpty's at Perimeter Hwy and McGillivray .

Contact Alain Louer at 204-235-1790 or alainlouer@hotmail.com. [Trip Rating: 3.0]

Sun, March 6th -- General Trips

Ski the groomed trails of Pinawa, with three warm-up cabins and over 30 km of groomed trails, ranging from novice to advanced.  A full day trip, with many trails to choose from, and lunch in one of the cabins. Level: Novice/Intermediate/Advanced 
To register email (preferred) Kathy Picard at kdpicard@mymts.net  or call 204-345-8422 [Trip Rating: 3.0]

Sun, March 13th -- General Trips

Join Karen for  possibly a last ski of the season in Bird's Hill Park.

Contact Karen Clements at 204-770-4375 or karenclements@shaw.ca. [Trip Rating: 3.0]

Sun, March 20th -- General Trips

Contact Roger Sutherland at 204-451-1219 or N/A. [Trip Rating: 1.0]

Tue, March 15th - Fri, April 15th -- Bird Outings

Raptors and a host of other birds migrate north along the Red River and Pembina River valleys in early spring.  Come join the birders who monitor this migration.  They will be present from mid-morning at either site on most days from mid-March to mid-April, especially when it is sunny with a south wind.  The St. Adolphe site is on the east side of the bridge on PR 210.  The Windygates site is on PR201 at the Pembina River Valley. These Watches are not scheduled, so there is no need to register.  Come and go as you please. All skill levels are welcome.  
n/a [Trip Rating: 1.0]

Thu, April 28th -- Bird Outings

Join Rudolf Koes on an evening outing to search for woodcock and hopefully some owls, too.
Call Rudolf at 204-661-0763 for more information or to register. [Trip Rating: 1.0]

Sat, May 7th -- Bird Outings

We'll search for loons, grebes, ducks, raptors and other migrants along the Winnipeg River.  Meet at the Seven Sisters Dam at 9:00 a.m.
Contact Peter Taylor at 1-204-753-2977 for info or to register. [Trip Rating: 1.0]

Sat, May 14th -- Bird Outings

This outing will start at Walter Chryplywy Park at the western edge of Beausejour at 9:00 a.m.  Many deciduous forest species and migrants should be present here, while Milner Ridge may deliver some boreal forest birds.
Contact Peter Taylor at 1-204-753-2977 for information, including directions, or to register. [Trip Rating: 1.0]

Sat, May 21st -- Bird Outings

This outing will visit areas that may not be familiar to some of you.  We will look for Red-headed Woodpecker, Orchard Oriole and Bobolink at LIbau and for Lark Sparrow and Indigo Bunting at Mars Hill.  Time permitting, we will visit Patricia Beach to look for grebes, terns and passerine migrants. Meet at Boston Pizza at the southeast corner of Chief Peguis Trail and Henderson Hwy at 7:30 a.m.
For more information or to register, contact Garry Budyk at 204-667-1062. [Trip Rating: 1.0]

Sat, May 28th -- Bird Outings

Participation is open to all, from backyard birder to Big Day enthusiast.  The idea is to enjoy birds at your own pace and submit a list of your sightings, plus area(s) covered, to Rudolf Koes (rkoes@mymts.net) after the event.  Results will be reported on Manitobabirds (Yahoo!Group list serve) after the event, as well as on the Nature Manitoba website. Robert will be with us in spirit. No registration is necessary. 
N/A [Trip Rating: 1.0]
Nature Manitoba Upcoming Trip

Mon, June 13th - Wed, June 22nd -- Major Trips

Two spots remain to join Nature Manitoba on the West Coast Trail in June 2016.   This hike is frequently rated as one of the top ten hikes in the world, the 75Km West Coast Trail is an extremely rugged trail between Bamfield and Port Renfrew on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.   More details regarding the trip and the logistics are available by email.  Interested parties are encouraged to read and consult one of the guidebooks on the west coast trail before signing up.  These are available on the Parks Canada Website for the West Coast Trail under Maps and Brochures.   Prior multi-day backpacking experience is mandatory or your registration is contingent on Hiking Mantario on the May Long Weekend.   A deposit of $400 is payable ($200 is not refundable) on confirmation of your registatration "if" we are sucessful in obtaining additional permits for the trail, 8 permits have been booked already.  The deposit covers permit, charter bus and inclusion in the group flight booking.  Additional costs will be payable in March and May.   Total costs are expected to be around $1,500 per person.
Sean Worden at 204-781-0796 or srworden@mts.net (no texts please). [Trip Rating: 5.0]
Nature Manitoba Upcoming Trip

Tue, August 16th - Mon, August 29th -- Major Trips

Because 16 days is past the magic 14-days holidays for non-retired folks, a shorter version of a mid-August WCP canoe trip is possible. It does not get to Knox L (headwater lake of Boodvein). But it does get to Indian House L (a gorgeous lake). There are 40 portages that include two 1000 m and one 2000 m with 4 layover days. If you are interested let me know. Make sure you tell me WHICH trip you are interested in. Jerry

Contact Jerry Ameis at 204-284-1902 or raven981@mts.net. [Trip Rating: 5.0]

Nature Manitoba Upcoming Trip

Tue, August 16th - Wed, August 31st -- Major Trips

Detail on the mid August canoe trip to Woodland Caribou Park. # of trip days: 16. # of layover days (in the 16 days): 5. # of portages: 57 (longest is 1500, 43 portages in the 15-300 m zone). Trip starts at Leano Lake (need taxi ride to there - cost about $60 per). Trip ends at Johnson Lake (where our vehicles will be parked). Highlight lakes: Mexican Hat Lake, Royd Lake, Knox Lake (headwater lake of Bloodvein River), Indian House Lake. Typical day travel: 10-15 km (with a couple of 20 km days). Minimum # of canoes: 2. Maximum # of canoes: 3. Woodland Caribou charges a daily fee of about $10 per person. Let me know if you are interested via email. I won't do the trip if I can't get at least two canoes. Also, I will be leading a couple of shorter (4 day or so) easy trips near the Experimental Lakes sometime in the summer. Jerry

Contact Jerry Ameis at 204-284-1902 or raven981@mts.net. [Trip Rating: 5.0]