Outdoor Activities

Nature Manitoba conducts a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year. Our activities include canoeing, hiking, cycling, snowshoeing, camping, cross-country skiing, and other outdoor recreational pursuits. All Outdoor Activities are free for members, with the exception of any cabin/park fees if applicable. Non-members may attend a trip or two at no cost, in order explore the option of membership. Note that a trip's difficulty is rated using the following Trip Rating Guidelines.

Outdoor ActivitiesWe are always in need of more volunteers to lead outdoor trips, please fill out our online trip submission form, email triplist@naturemanitoba.ca, or contact our office if you are interested. After trips, trip leaders must complete and submit a Trip Leader Package (pdf).

Updates to the trip listings are available via e-mail. To receive these updates or to submit information for the list, please send an email to triplist@naturemanitoba.ca.

If you are a member, please contact the trip leader directly with any questions, as listed below, otherwise please contact our office.

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Sat, November 1st -- Bird Outings

Late Fall is a good time to look for lingering waterfowl, raptors and gulls along the beaches of S.E. Lake Winnipeg.  Winter passerines, such as Snow Buntings and Redpolls, should also be present.
Contact Rudolf Koes at 204-661-0763 for information or to register. [Trip Rating: 1.0]
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Sun, November 2nd -- General Trips

Join Les for a hike in North Beaudry Park to be followed by the Headingley United Church Fall Dinner at 4:00 pm for those that have dinner tickets. Pre purchase of tickets are a requirement and tickets are sold out. Persons can still join us for the hike.

Contact Les McCann at 204-895-8108 or lmccann2001@yahoo.com. [Trip Rating: 1.0]

Sat, November 8th -- General Trips

Gather at Roger's house, 782 Tache, at 5 pm for a Potluck and BBQ. 

Contact Roger Sutherland at 204-451-1219 or N/A. [Trip Rating: 1.0]

Sat, November 22nd - Sun, November 23rd -- General Trips

Early winter camping outing to Riding Mountain National Park. Camp at Whirlpool Lake and hike the Bald Hill trail.  

Contact Les McCann at 204-895-8108 or lmccann2001@yahoo.com. [Trip Rating: 4.0]

Sat, December 6th -- Bird Outings

This is your chance to get a start on your winter list.  We hope to see lingering waterfowl,  such as Long-tailed Duck and Harlequin Duck, or rare gulls.
Call Peter Taylor at 1-204-753-2977 for details or to register. [Trip Rating: 1.0]

Sun, December 14th -- Bird Outings

This is a great opportunity to see some wintering birds in the city.  Join tens of thousands of other birders across North America in this event and help contribute to our knowledge of winter bird distribution.  A potluck dinner and compiling session will be held afterwards.
Contact Rudolf Koes at  204-661-0763 for details or to register. [Trip Rating: 1.0]

Fri, January 2nd - Sun, January 4th -- General Trips

The James Lake cabin has been booked for this trip. Trip will involve 2 overnights. At time of booking it's hard to predict the snow conditions but the plan is to ski the area during the day. Snowshoers are welcome . Participants would need winter clothing and sleeping bag .Please try to contact before Christmas if you would like to come.

Contact Alain Louer at 204-235-1790 or alainlouer@hotmail.com. [Trip Rating: 4-5]