Sierra Club Canada Foundation would like to invite the members of Nature Manitoba to the Protect the Pollinators event in Winnipeg on March 28, 2pm, at the Eckhardt-Grammaté Hall, 3rd floor of the Centennial Hall, University of Winnipeg. Part of a national tour, it is a public meeting on pollinator health and pesticide use, and aims to get beekeepers, farmers, advocates, scientists and concerned citizens involved. Get more information on the negative impacts of pesticides on pollinators and the environment, and learn what we can do to help.

(Posted March 25, 2015 - 10:02am)


WorkshopsWant to dig deep into the wonders of nature under the guidance of an expert? Then Nature Manitoba workshops are for you! Exciting indoor workshops throughout the winter & spring seasons, on topics ranging from birds & gardening, to toads & mushrooms. View full workshop information and listing.

Our Next Workshop...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at 7:30 pm

Instructed by Ward Christianson, Nature Manitoba Birder
Location: Kelvin High School, Room 31
Fee: $5 for Nature Manitoba members, $10 for non-members (students: $3 for members, $5 for non-members)..
PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED! Contact the Nature Manitoba office at 204-943-9029 or

Same presenter, different bird group! Ward is back again and will help us out with thrushes this year. He invites you to come out and learn more about these elusive forest songsters.

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HikeNature Manitoba is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1920 as the Natural History Society of Manitoba (later known as the Manitoba Naturalists Society), "for the popular and scientific study of nature". In 2009, we changed our name to Nature Manitoba. Our members share a passion for nature. Our goal is to promote an appreciation and understanding of nature, and to preserve and enjoy it. Nature Manitoba offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor programs year-round, and advocates for the protection of our natural environment.

 canoe by lakeWe believe that the opportunity to experience the natural world in peace and tranquility is a joy and a privilege. We believe in the importance of sound stewardship of our parks, wilderness and other natural areas, and are proponents of self-propelled (non-motorized) recreation when enjoying these areas.

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  • sun on horizonTo foster an awareness and appreciation of the natural environment and an understanding of humanity's place therein;
  • To provide an association and a voice for those interested in natural history and the outdoors, and to cooperate with individuals and organizations with similar objectives;
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  • to promote an understanding of the natural environment;
  • To stimulate research and to record and preserve data and material in natural history and allied subjects;
  • To work for the preservation of our natural environment.