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Tuesday, March 19 2013

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Bird migration is one of nature’s most fascinating, inspiring and yet, mysterious phenomena. This workshop will be an overview of many topics around bird migration, including which species migrate, why, where they go and how they get there. We will also discuss how weather affects migration, review some resources for following migration and maybe learn a few of the flight calls given by nocturnal migrants.

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Raptors and a host of other birds migrate north along the Red River and Pembina River valleys in early spring.  Come join the birders who monitor this migration.  They will be present from mid-morning at either site on most days from mid-March to mid-April, especially when it is sunny with a south wind.  The St. Adolphe site is on the east side of the bridge on PR 210.  The Windygates site is on PR 201 at the Pembina River Valley.

Watches are not scheduled, so there is no need to register.  Come and go as you please.

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