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Wild Plants of Winnipeg

perennial sow thistleNature Manitoba is pleased to present a series of wild plant profiles to help educate and increase awareness of people about our botanical heritage and ecology.

Starting in 2010, a series of approximately twenty plant profiles were created and posted here. Please feel free to view them and print them. Phase Two of the project is now underway.

The profiles are the work of local artist and authority Tom Reaume, the author of 620 Wild Plants of North America.

Plant profiles are in .pdf format (~2mb):

The project is supported by grants from Manitoba Hydro, Manitoba Culture, Heritage, Tourism and Sport, and the Winnipeg Foundation.

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Mushroom Data Sheet

Dr. David Punter has created this Mushroom Data Sheet to record the characters of wild mushrooms. Please view our Sep./Oct. 2010 Nature Manitoba News issue for an article on collecting wild mushrooms.

Click here to view the Mushroom Data Sheet (.pdf)

American Hazelnut.pdf764.34 KB
AnnualSowThistle.pdf1.67 MB
CanadaGoldenrod.pdf2.52 MB
CanThistle.pdf2.06 MB
Chicory.pdf1.68 MB
Common Mullein.pdf1.03 MB
CommonWaterPlantain.pdf2.24 MB
Common Reed Grass.pdf930.22 KB
Downy Yellow Violet.pdf926.16 KB
GreatBulrush.pdf2.18 MB
Great Ragweed.pdf897.8 KB
LobedPricklyLettuce.pdf1.74 MB
ManitobaMaple.pdf2.42 MB
Maximiliani's Sunflower.pdf851.4 KB
MushroomDataSheet.pdf132.27 KB
Narrow-leaved Cattail .pdf853.49 KB
NoddingTrillium.pdf1.85 MB
PerennialSowThistle.pdf1.71 MB
Prairie Cord Grass.pdf815.48 KB
RedOsierDogwood.pdf2.19 MB
SilkyMilkweed.pdf2.28 MB
Smooth Brome.pdf877.38 KB
SmoothFruitedSedge.pdf2.02 MB
StingingNettle.pdf2.19 MB
WildCucumber.pdf2.12 MB
WoodNettle.pdf1.87 MB
WoollySedge.pdf2.42 MB
YellowEveningPrimrose.pdf2.13 MB
WesternSnowberry.pdf2.09 MB
American Elm.pdf886.77 KB
Bur Oak.pdf827.36 KB
Common Plantain.pdf897.16 KB
Gumweed.pdf762.31 KB
Western Canada Violet.pdf783.95 KB
Wild Licorice.pdf792.64 KB
Wood Rose.pdf715.88 KB